Why 'Costa Blanca'?

Back in 1957, British European Airways launched a flight between London and Valencia; their promotion of the new destination included a promotional name for Alicante ’s coast, "Costa Blanca". Few Spaniards know that the name ’Costa Blanca ’ is in fact a truly English creation.

Within the next few years villages such as Torrevieja became popular destinations. Many of those tourists loved Torrevieja so much that they decided to settle there, and nowadays less than 50% of the population are natural-born Spaniards.  

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1610 results and the first spam comment

24 hours after the keyword eurodipity was revealed, Google finds up to 1610 pages related to this search. And a few hours back I received the first comment with a link to one of my "competitors". I might have left it as a curiosity, but the comment was in Spanish...

Spammers out there, if you are going to waste your time trying to spam this blog, do at least do so in English. Thank you very much in advance for your consideration.


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231 results...

9 hours after the keyword was revealed, Google shows 231 results for the search "eurodipity". The first three positions are for, and... this blog!! I can hardly belive it, I don’t even have incoming links :-S I suppose the main reason is that I’ve written in English and the contest conditions clearly state that English will be the language used to search when determining who the winners are. Therefore I will use this SEO contest both to practice my SEO abilities and my English.

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Welcome to Eurodipity

Eurodipity is a SEO contest; the aim of this contest is to offer useful information about the Costa Blanca (Spain) as well as to appear in Google for the term "eurodipity" by September 5th. I’ll do my best and I’ll tell you whether I progress on that respect or not.

My first objective is to let Google know that I exist, and to do so I’ll need your help... Any ideas?

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