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Those undersigned, worried at the announcement made by the government of Aragon and the “Gran Scala” promoters to build in the Monegros a gambling complex, declare that we do not accept an economic model such as Las Vegas and Macao, in which the owners of the casinos become multimillionaires at the expense of paying miserable salaries and eliminating union rights.

We do not accept the risks involved in a business, like gambling; the lair of organised crime. Gran Scala is nos exactly a model of values to promote amongst our children.

We do not accept that our taxes be spent on the infrastructures of these bussiness, to the detriment of programmes for the authentic developement of the Monegros and Aragon.

We do not accept the setting up of a totally unsustainable business from an environmental point of view, which will waste water, energy and increase greenhouse gas emission,seriously affecting the steppe landscape.


Martes, 14 de Octubre de 2008 12:56.

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