Proper feeding and storage of caviar


A baerii caviar is a kind of black caviar. It is a salted ikra of sturgeon fish. Black caviar includes the roe of bieluga, the sievruga roe and the brown-olive russian sturgeon roe. A kilogram of this treat can cost until twenty thousand of pounds. The thicker the black caviar grains, the more valuable it is. Good quality caviar is a wafer with full, unsealed and un dried grains. The brighter color is the most appreciated variety of caviar.


Removing caviar from the package


In order to remove the caviar grains from the cans, it is best to use a plastic spoon or mother of pearl. It is worth remembering that steel or silver negatively affect its taste. It can be served independently in the original straws, as well as on crushed ice, as it must always be properly cooled. Please note that caviar is a product with a short shelf life. After opening the can, store it in the refrigerator for a maximum of one day. Place a can of caviar on the back of the fridge to make sure it is stored at the coldest possible temperature. After this time, the spark will begin to spoil. It should not be stored in the freezer, because the cellular structure of caviar would be violated. If baerii caviar is served in a bowl, it would be a good idea to place it in the ice to maintain the right cooling temperature. Fresh caviar with a low salt content can maintain its quality for 4 to 6 weeks.


How should caviar be administered ?


Leave the caviar in the refrigerator unopened at room temperature for five to 10 minutes before serving. Traditionally, caviar is served in a set that consists of the lower part, which holds bare ice, caviar bowls and spoons of mother-of-pearl. This spoon is recommended for the purest taste sensations, as metal utensils can interfere with taste.


How to eat it and with what ?


Caviar is most often consumed as a supplement to blina or toast. It is equally often served on crushed ice with the addition of chopped lemons with bread and necessarily on a glass emmisk. Caviar should not come into contact with warm dishes, therefore the product is served on sour cream with mashed potatoes. Of course, it can be eaten with a fork, but it is necessary to maintain the appropriate subtlety in this regard. Just put a small amount of it on a plate and once in a while gnaw bread or put a small amount on the edge of the bread. Caviar can also be used as an addition to appendages, such as salads, juicers or sushi.


The best alcohol for caviar


Caviar is most often served with champagne or dry white wine. If the ice cream is served on small sandwiches or mini-snaers, do not bite them, but eat them whole. If caviar is served with a whole egg, boil hard-boiled eggs first eat the eggs with a fork, and only then the egg whole.


Caviar for health


Caviar strengthens the body's immunity. Unsaturated fatty acids accelerate metabolism, reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood and accelerate the cleansing of the liver from toxins. The product contains B vitamins that affect the proper functioning of the nervous system. It helps to relieve stress and tension, as well as improves mood. You will find easily digestible protein, folic acid and lecithin. Eating caviar reduces the risk of blood clots, the development of heart disease and improves circulation.


Where to buy caviar


The best place to buy baerii caviar may be the Internet or a trusted local market that offers high-end products. Retailers, both online and in person, will know the best tips for seasonal availability, catch quality and what to try next.

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