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20090721222931-acceso-prohibido.jpgGibraltar, in virtue of the UK’s membership of the EU, is part of the European Union.


Gibraltar is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, and (as Gibraltar Constitution Order 2006 says) “it will remain part of Her Majesty’s dominions unless and until an Act of Parliament otherwise provides, and furthermore that Her Majesty’s Government will never enter into arrangements under which the people of Gibraltar would pass under the sovereignty of another state against their freely and democratically expressed wishes”. That is, the self-determination right.


In 1967 a referendum was held in Gibraltar regarding the colony’s sovereignty: the overwhelming majority voted to remain British.


Later, Gibraltarians reject plans by Great Britain and Spain to share sovereignty over the Rock in a referendum that takes place in 2002. 88% of Gibraltarians had voted, 99% says NO to shared sovereignty.


The question was: "Do you approve of the principle that Spain and the United Kingdom should share sovereignty over Gibraltar?"


Just 187 people voted Yes. 17,900 voted No.



Evereybody must respect their neighbours.


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