Luxembourg Music Academy

I am convinced that, at least once, the idea of learning music has crossed your mind. Learning to play an instrument, learning to sing, or simply learning to interpret a score.

Music is inherent to the human being, it has been with us practically since we began to walk upright on the earth. Since primitive man used to beat 2 bones marking the rhythm. The medieval troubadours cheered people up and accompanied their poems with music. The great geniuses of classical music, or the rockers who fill stadiums and festivals.

Although it is true that there are people who have a certain natural predisposition to music, certain "born abilities". All of us possess to a greater or lesser extent that musical sensitivity that makes us catch the rhythm. When you listen to a song and unintentionally accompany the base of the melody by tapping your foot against the floor.

With this I am only trying to convey the idea that everyone, EVERYONE, can learn to play an instrument. We can also master our voice to make it sound like that singer we like so much. As everything in this life is a matter of practice and training.But, what are the benefits of investing our time to acquire these musical skills?

Improves intelligenceRecently there was a small study on the impact of learning music with 6 year old children. The children, who had no musical notions, were taught to play an instrument for 15 months. It showed that, once the learning was completed, they had developed many more areas of their brain than other children who had not been subjected to the learning. 

Better health and moodA prestigious neurologist who has devoted much of his career to the study and impact of music on us. He came to the following conclusion: by performing music therapy with patients who had suffered a cerebrovascular accident (stroke), he achieved a significant improvement in the cognitive abilities of the patients.

It greatly increased verbal memory and attention span, as well as an improvement in the patients' reading and writing skills (this music therapy is currently being applied to dyslexic children to help them). There was also a significant improvement in the patients' mood. Click here on Luxembourg Music Academy

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