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Uncertainty of life can be an individual at any moment, a famous celebrity or a common man, for one and all the life is unpredictable and so are the challenges of it. Everybody reaction to change is different, some take up the challenges of life and fight back bravely while others give up easily and put their precious health on stake forever. Good health makes your life more enjoyable and it is considered to be one of the greatest gifts that we ever get in our lives.

Having a good health requires eating a good quality of well nourished food, working out in a proper way and staying away from destructive elements that could have the potential to degrade your health in near future.

Automation and modern technologies have blessed us in numerous ways but one major harm it has caused us is the lifestyle adopted by the residents of this modern world. Restricted or no physical activity is the root cause of many illnesses and lifestyle diseases. Lack of physical movements makes our muscles weak and results in muscles stiffness which requires proper physiotherapy treatment and in worst case it puts the individual under the knife.

The best way to eliminate lifestyle diseases is to adopt a healthy lifestyle which guarantees slow but sure health recovery. Healthy eating habits, good nutrition, well designed and well planned workout routine along with simple stretches throughout the day can boost your energy level, enhance your mood, increase your daily active time and reduces your potential health risk. In contrast,  an unhealthy lifestyle makes an individual weak, frustrated, unhappy and depressed.

Our human body is one of the best creations of our creator and so are the functions of it. The body has an excellent way of identifying the underlying area of ​​concern and unusual happenings within the human body. It not only protects us from the potential harm by proper coordination of different organs and muscles but it also initiates the self healing process to increase the chances of survival. ’Pain’ is one such signal given by the nervous system when it detects a problem which may cause harm to a particular body part.

The physiotherapist of Brooklyn named ’Allcarept’ are doing their jobs well and have started a pain free revolution that gives the power of healing to the individual himself. Professionals at Allcarept have hands on experience of treating frozen shoulder, neck and back pain, shoulder impingement, lower back pain, sports and accidental injuries and many such health conditions. They have a good understanding of their patient’s needs such as moral support and motivation during the pain elimination process. A polite and humble staff along with a good quality of service is all that oe requires. These health care professionals can be consulted online and in person without any doctor’s prescription. The free telehealth appointment can be booked from their website. Amazing customer service, professional expertise and availability makes them a team of best  physical Therapist in Brooklyn .

If your pain has been there for more than two weeks then book online your free telehealth appointment today and save yourself from the potential risks and enjoy your good health as long as you live.

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Shoulder Impingement Causes and Treatment Allcare pt

The word ‘pain’ has become part and parcel of our fast-paced world. From toddlers to senior citizens, almost everyone is experiencing pain which is the result of unhealthy eating habits, sedentary lifestyle, limited outdoor or physical activity and adulteration in food. The origin or cause of pain could be different, but the outcome is always same, it makes the individual frustrated, depressed, weak and unhappy. Pain could arise from sports injuries, accidental injuries, lack of physical activity, strenuous activities or stress.

Shoulder impingement is one such condition which arises as a result of compression between the bone and rotator cuff tendon, at times, when the arm is raised above the head, it is also known as ‘frozen shoulder. Allcarept provides the best shoulder impingement treatment in Brooklyn, it is America’s most desirable physiotherapy consultant where the professionals render shoulder impingement pain relief through their hands-on experience and specialization in shoulder impingement exercises in Brooklyn.


Spine is the most important organ in our body, we need to protect our spine from seriously wrenching by adopting proper body mechanics. Slouching and hunching are the most common reasons of back and neck pain. Pain is nothing but an indication from our body that certain part of body or the underlying muscles are strained out and they need immediate attention.

Shoulder impingement mostly strikes :-

  • Weight lifters or athletes who exert tremendous pressure on their muscles to gain muscular strength.
  • Mechanical laborers whose job requires vigorous physical activities.
  • Senior citizens who are unable to perform any kind of physical activity.
  • People who lack muscular strength by adopting inappropriate body mechanics and living a sedentary lifestyle.

Shoulder impingement symptoms that require immediate medical assistance are stated below :-

  • While driving, when you reach out for your seat belt, a striking pain is experienced in the shoulder area.
  • Low muscular strength while lifting objects or unable to lift moderately heavy objects.
  • If you are resting on a couch or your bed, a striking pain occurs while changing positions or even while resting on sides, then it’s a clear sign of shoulder impingement.
  • As the condition deteriorates, the pain may keep striking continuously even at a resting position and it may become more severe if no medical assistance is given.

Shoulder impingement treatment includes four stages mentioned below:

  1. The initial stage of shoulder impingement is the exact diagnosis from expert radiologist who performs ultrasound scans and CT scans which highlights associated injuries along with dynamic impingement.
  2. In this stage, the physiotherapist renders pain relief through anti-inflammatory treatment which includes pain relief medication and basic supplements.
  3. The third stage includes, recovery of complete range of motion and gaining the rotator cuff strength along with performing speed, power and agility exercises.
  4. The line of treatment and rehabilitation status is determined by the clinical assessment made by the physiotherapist, Recovery of an individual varies because different people respond differently to the physiotherapy treatment.

If you have been diagnosed with shoulder impingement or any other form of chronic pain, you can immediately get medical assistance from www.allcarept.com without any prescription or heavy consultation fees and empower yourself for a pain free and promising future.


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Best Chiropractor in New York City-Allcare

Life is unpredictable and so are the challenges of it. Whether we work to live a king-sized life or earn our daily bread, difficulties and uncertainties are bound to come as a stepping stone to success. In this race of human survival and tussle, the health of an individual plays a vital role. A well balanced nutritious diet, a well-designed exercise routine, and current body structure needs to be inculcated in our current lifestyle  since the absence of them have resulted in lack of muscular strength, stressed out muscles exerting excessive pressure on the spine eventually leading to chronic pain, frozen shoulder, neck pain and stiffness of the muscles. Shoulder impingement cases are now on an increase because of our unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle. Shoulder impingement is also called as the swimmer’s shoulder which indicated painful shoulder movements and the related range of motion.

Professionals at allcarept are the best chiropractor in New York and they provide the best shoulder impingement treatment in New York. Their perfect guidance is valuable to their patients who desire to overcome their pain without undergoing any surgeries. To consult this physiotherapist you do not need any prior prescriptions and book your free telehealth appointment anytime with a single click. Various demonstration videos of different back and neck exercises are uploaded on their website allcarept.com.

Symptoms of Shoulder impingement as described by the professionals at allcarept include:-

– Weakness in the muscles when you are attempting to reach or lift anything.

– As tricking pain as you reach for your seat belt while driving.

- Pain, whenever your arm is raised overhead or while placing hands behind back or head.

- Whenever you are lying on the shoulder, there is a strong pain striking from it.

- You feel pain when you are at resting position as your condition deteriorates.

Diagnosis:  - Such conditions are diagnosed by the radiologist who performs ultrasound scans and CT scans that visualize dynamic impingement and associated injuries.

Individuals affected with shoulder impingement are: -

* Tennis players

* Golf players

* Swimmers

* Heavy weightlifters

* Basketball / Throw ball players

* Construction site laborers

The treatment includes various stages where which includes: -

  1. An initial stage of pain relief and anti-inflammatory treatment.
  2. Regaining shoulder range of motion and rotator cuff strength.
  3. Normal neck-scapula thoracic shoulder function restoration and scapular control which is best guided by a chiropractor.
  4. Performing speed, power and agility exercises.

Recovery : -

The line of treatment is monitored by the physiotherapist and the recovery may take a few weeks or a few months. There is no specific time frame since different individuals respond differently to the treatment and rehabilitation status is determined by the physiotherapist clinical assessment.

It's beyond a shadow of a doubt that life is unpredictable so we need to be grateful for every moment and be ready for any change we need to survive and triumph over our problems and remember, whenever you suffer from pain for more than two weeks and the need of physiotherapy arises then allcarept professionals are just a call away!

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Shoulder Impingement Treatment in Brooklyn -Allcare

The creator has designed our human body in a fantastic way which signals us if we are at a potential health risk and sets our body in a self-healing process, for which it requires energy that is generated from the food we eat. This gives rise to the need for a well-balanced diet that consists of all the basic nutrients required to carry out the vital body functions and good body mechanics. Health should be our topmost priority, but it is often ignored by many of us. Our sedentary lifestyle, ignorant behavior, automation of mechanical work and various stress factors have hammered the final nail in the coffin and gave rise to various lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, chronic pain, obesity, depression and many more.

Body mechanics is a very broad concept to take under study. Proper body mechanics need to be adopted to protect your back from seriously wrenching while standing, sitting, lifting objects and sleeping. Inappropriate body posture leads to the bad habit of slouching which causes pain in the back area, neck pain, shoulder pain and exerts extra pressure on our muscles. By adopting the correct posture, we place minimum stress on the ligaments, connective tissues and muscles, in this way we teach our body to hold itself without hunching and the spine resides in a neutral position.

Our body sends out specific signals through the nervous system to indicate any potential harm and protect itself from the tremendous stress on the ligaments and muscles, these signals are described as pain in human terminology. This gives us the hint that the healing process also lies within our body we just need to channelize it in a proper way through professional guidance that will help us to empower our body to heal itself.


Shoulder impingement has hit our generation like an epidemic because of the sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle that we have inhabited. Shoulder impingement and frozen shoulders occur because of the compression between rotator cuff tendon and the bone whenever the arm is raised above the head. People who suffer from this condition are:

– Athletes and weightlifters.

– Mechanical laborers.

– Senior citizens.

– Individuals who lack muscular strength.

This condition is curable, and it requires three to six months for recovery. Investigations are carried out via MRI scans and shoulder X-rays which initialized physiotherapy as the major course of non-operative treatment. The only physiotherapist that specializes in frozen shoulder treatment in Brooklyn is allcarept. This physical therapist identifies the actual cause of pain through the diagnostic tools and prescribes pain relief medications along with basic vital supplements. Arthroscopic surgery or Acromioplasty may be required in severe cases only when non-operative treatment fails. Allcarept also operates with more severe conditions such as shoulder impingement and instructs shoulder impingement exercises to their patients through various demonstration videos on their website. Allcarept is America’s most desirable physiotherapy consultant which is approachable without any prescription and is gaining popularity for its shoulder impingement treatment in Brooklyn.

So, if you are suffering from any chronic pain or frozen shoulder and impingement then consult allcarept professionals right away and gift yourself a healthy pain-free life!

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Best Physical Therapist in Brooklyn,NYC

It is rightly said that “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”, a pain-free healthy life is a dream many of us have and are constantly working towards it. Ignorance, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, stress, and an inappropriate body posture are all the major causes of pain in our generation. Technological advancements have blessed us in many ways, it has made our world accessible and connected various users of this technology in an invisible bond of the network. Technology has made our lives luxurious by replacing manual labor with super fast robots and other automated smart devices, it has created a virtual world that provides luxuries and services at our doorsteps with just one click or a gentle touch on your smart devices. From business expansion to goods and service delivery everything is done online. This mark’s the era of automation and industrialization via the internet. Just one click can work wonders for you, few of the basic tasks are listed below:

  1. Helps you to perform entire banking task online by eradicating the problem of physically depositing or withdrawing money from one’s account.
  2. The basic necessities and accessories like food, clothing and even shelter can be purchased online.
  3. Booking travel trips, modes of transport, lodging and boarding facilities, everything can be done online without any hassle.

These are the things everyone is aware of and are currently using these facilities in our day to day life. But, are we aware of the fact that consultation with an expert physiotherapist is also possible online and yes, without any doctor’s or physician’s prescriptions? It has become a reality because of “allcarept” professionals, who aim to provide optimal pain-free treatment to their patients by empowering them to live a pain-free happy life. Rapid rehabilitation is possible due to their supportive and caring staff who is energetic and an upbeat atmosphere that offers home therapy to patients who are unable to leave their home and urges them to gain confidence from within.


They specialize in orthopedic, work injuries, motor vehicle injuries, sports injuries and other major fields of concerns, where the physiotherapist are equipped to treat most of the conditions.

The procedure which is required to follow in order to consult the best physical therapist in Brooklyn is stated below:

  1. Book online your 1st free telehealth appointment from the website allcarept.com.
  2. Discuss your problem with the consultant and enlighten them with the basic information they require to start the therapy.
  3. Start your physiotherapy treatment.

Consulting a well-known physiotherapist who possesses on hand experience and an expertise in his field was never so easy and time-saving in this fast-paced world. A complete diagnosis is done with the help of modern equipment and testing tools which brings to light the actual area of concern. They provide guidance to everyone via various demonstration videos that help to achieve consistency in following the personalized health care routine and lifelong support.

If you possess a will you will definitely seek a way to empower yourself to a pain-free healthy life! So, be a part of this pain-free revolution right away.

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Physical Therapy in New York City (NYC)

We represent the generation that struggles the most with severe physical and mental health issues and at the same time we are the most ignorant individuals who do not give health to priority in our lives. We belong to a human race which is continuously under the knife for some reason and we suffer from weakened immunity, lack of physical and mental strength along with the continued bombardment of stress factors from multiple sources.

Our sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle along with the fear of unnecessary surgeries and medications demands the physical aid of physiotherapy to help keep us going in this fast paced world.

Physiotherapy is a wide field of science that enlightens us with the actual cause of pain and it gives us the best remedy for it. It does not impact our human body in any negative way, in fact it’s safe and reliable. Any pain that last longer than 15 days or gets more severe with time should never be ignored and requires professional attention. A simple diagnosis by any physiotherapist who has an expertise in his field of practice can be very helpful in easing out the pain.

A physiotherapist follows the below mentioned simple procedure to unveil the actual cause of underlying pain.

  • Scanning the painful area with the help of modern technology and testing tools such as MRI scan, CT scan and X-rays.
  • Allotting specialized and personalized exercise routine and stretches to their patients.
  • Making use of physiotherapy techniques and massages to relax the stiffness in the affected muscles.
  • Keeping track of pain diagnoses and treatment implemented.
  • Providing useful tips and guidance to their patients to prevent future injuries and pain.

The role of a physiotherapist has a significant importance. Following are the key aspects of his role:-

  1. A physiotherapist helps an individual to set a goal of his pain removal and places him in a self healing process.
  2. Provides carefully designed balanced diets and personalized exercises required which needs to be performed on regular basis.
  3. Educating their patients to adopt correct body posture and the harmful effects caused by alcoholism and other forms of drugs consumption.
  4. Encouraging their patients to have consistency in following their health care routine.
  5. Providing vitamins and other supplements to help in the healing process.
  6. Maintaining healthy relationships with their patients to understand their state of mind and causes that result in their continued pain.
  7. Providing lifelong care and support by empowering their patients to heal themselves.

Thus, physiotherapy is our need of the day. The physical therapist in New York city, is one of the best recommendations by the council of physiotherapy worldwide. They are a bunch of experienced specialists who have significantly contributed to a pain free  revolution through their Telehealth appointments, demonstration videos and a complete course of Neuro corrective training through their website “allcarept.com”.

If your are experiencing pain which has lasted for a longer duration then consult physiotherapist right away before it gets more severe and let physiotherapy work wonders for you.

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Physical Therapy Clinic in Brooklyn- Allcare

Health is the most important aspect and it’s a blessing for a chosen  few. This can be rightly said and is justified  in this present scenario. Appearances are often deceiving,  people who look huge and mighty on the outside are actually the ones struggling the most with serious mental and physical health conditions.
Health issues are on a peak these days. Our sedentary lifestyle as well as lack of physical activity has weakened  our immunity along with our physical strength which has resulted in serious health issues. Chronic pain is one of the most common lifestyle disease that has the potential to damage our mental health and refrain us from
performing any physical task and here is exactly where the need of physiotherapy arises.
Physiotherapy is that field of science which has the potential to determine the actual reason behind your pain and provide best physical aid to help you heal without prescribing unnecessary medication and surgeries. It is one of the safest and most reliable method of elimination of pain without any negative impact on the human body. It helps us to perform self healing by empowering us to eliminate the pain with simple diagnosis, specific exercises and stretches,  guiding an individual to adopt correct body posture along with maintenance and prevention of future pain.
Any treatment in this field includes the following:-
Locating the actual cause of pain:-


This can be done with the help of modern technology and commonly used testing tools such as-

  • Magnetic resonance imaging
  • Computed tomography
  • X Radiation: A form of electromagnetic radiation

Taking appropriate steps to eliminate pain:-
Personalized exercises and stretches are instructed by the physiotherapist that helps in pulling nerves back in
its desired position, relaxing the stiff muscles by a massage therapy done by a licensed masseur.

Maintenance and prevention:-
This is the final step in any physiotherapy treatment which can be carried out only by the adoption of a healthy lifestyle which includes the following:-

■ First and the most important task is to set your goal to achieve self healing and pain removal .
■ A carefully designed balanced diet along with a well planned exercise routine.
■ Maintaining the correct body posture and not sitting in one place for more than 2 hours.
■ Taking proper mini breaks to loosen out the stiff muscles with a short walk or a couple of stretching exercises.
■ Re-framing from alcoholic beverages, smoking and other forms of drug consumption.
■ Performing specified exercises and stretches as instructed by the physiotherapist.
Only a pain diagnostics expert or a physical therapist can provide you with proper personalized guidance with the help of advanced pain relief technology, diagnostic tools and an entire course of treatment which is effective at a minimal cost without any side effects.
All care physical therapist in Brooklyn is one of the most desirable and best pain diagnostic specialist which has marked an era of pain free revolution to help people heal themselves through free telehealth appointments and online Nero corrective training along with demonstration videos via their website allcarept.com”it  can
be directly consulted without any doctor’s prescription and it saves a lot of time and money which is a huge benefit in our fast paced world. So prioritize your health and stay blessed!
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Best Spine Center in Brooklyn- Allcare

It is vital to ensure that you do whatever is needed to make sure your health and body should not suffer. Even so, at times when one is not careful or in case of accidents or carelessness, sometimes the body may come under pain or physical injury that is grave and even post treatment may require exercise and constant care. One such way of rectifying strained ligaments and muscles is by visiting a chiropractor. If you find the right chiropractor, it is said that you will form a bond with him throughout your life and treatments given by most chiropractors are said to even be better than visiting a doctor. If medicines, needles and surgery are not your cup of tea, then going to a chiropractor is a much better idea.

However, as the years have passed, being a chiropractor has now become a stable career choice since so many people opt for it. With professional schools and hospitals taking chiropractic therapy seriously, a lot of people look at it as the best option if the injury isn’t serious and ideally also prefer it for follow-up treatments. The effects of a chiropractor’s treatment are said to last longer, heal better and especially be soothing on the muscle or ligament being treated.
All Care is a physical therapy center located in Brooklyn that specializes in all types of physical therapies and also deals with Painfree Maverick. The diagnosis center is one of the best in the area and promises to deliver great health results, thanks to its team of refined professionals, determined to solve any concerns without surgery. It is easily the best chiropractor in Brooklyn and a lot of their clients keep coming back whenever their health deteriorates since there is always a remedy at All Care. The place also offers a special Nero-corrective Self Treatment Method along with Diagnostic Testing. The All Care difference is something that most clients abide by since they look at exercise, therapy and physical power more important than any other surgical methods. The place also boasts of one of the best Brooklyn spine center and encourages their customers to come when the pain is still young, giving the chiropractors more time and space to use their methods of treatment in the best possible ways.
Along with regular physical therapy and treatments, All Care also specializes in:
  • Providing physical therapy to correct, maintain, and prevent any aches and pains.
  • Using advanced clinical reasoning to get to the root of your pain by using necessary
            examination and evaluation methods.
  • Providing therapy and treatments at the hands of trained individuals in advanced diagnostic nerve conduction velocity and electromyography testing.
  • All Care specializes particularly in leading-edge pain relief technology, one of the most advanced chiropractor techniques that are not available at most centers.
  • With direct access to physical practitioners, a doctor’s prescription isn’t necessary to come to All Care and get treated.
Along with all of the above, All Care also sees to:
  • CORRECTING movement dysfunction diagnosis through the use of hands-on manual therapy in order to reduce muscle spasm, increase joint motion, and promote healing.
  • MAINTAINING newfound alignment and balance with the help of specific exercise programs and manual therapy techniques to make the treatment work better.
  • PREVENTING further issues from arising by including personalized home exercise programs, proper lifting techniques and modifying your work environment to promote better halting.
To know more visit us:
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What is Covered call and Iron condor Strategy?

What is Covered call and Iron condor Strategy?

Finance is a world of investments. Your assets and liabilities contributed to the profitability under conditions of risk and uncertainty. Finance is a field that studies money management. The investor price assets considering various factors such as the risk level, the fundamental value of the asset and the expected rate of return. Areas of finance typically include Personal finance, Corporate finance, Public finance, Experimental finance, Behavioral finance and so on.

Strategies are incorporated to define a company’s business objective by identifying the available resources, planning for financial resources and other capital resources.

Options Profits Daily is an organization that provides ideas and investment options that simply serves as a starting point for actual buy and sell decisions for your portfolio.

Options Profits Daily is a place where you can study the current stock market, different strategies adopted by the market leaders and the various factors that contribute to profitability and potential risks.

One such financial strategy explained by Options Profits Daily is the Covered CallStrategy. In this approach, a minor increase or decrease is expected at the available stock price for life which is a neutral strategy that allows earning income through the premium received for writing the option.

A Covered call Strategy is a good option for those investors who intend to produce income while maintaining flexibility in capital gains along with providing a protection against stock depreciation.

While writing the Covered call, the current stockholder sells the right to purchase his stock at a specific price within a stipulated period.

The market participants adopt the Covered call Strategy to increase their investment income, lower portfolio risk and improve investment returns. In this scenario, the buyer as a stock or future contract owner owns your security on or before the expiration date. The buyer gets the legal right to buy shares without purchasing it on the open market at unfavorable pricing, thus it involves both stock and an option contract.

In a covered call strategy, the call that is sold, is Out of the money (OTM). In areas, where the stock price is going to drop, you can sell an in the money call option (ITM) while maintaining your current stock position.

This Strategy is typically adopted by investors and long-term traders where the main goal is to collect income via option premiums.

Another Strategy brought to light by Options Profits Daily is the Strategy adopted by market players is the Iron Condor Strategy which is designed to have a large probability of earning the minimum profit when securities have low volatility.

It is a limited risk, non directional option strategy where the trader creates an Iron Condor depending on the volatility of underlying stock during earnings season since the earning season generates trading opportunities.

This is an advanced strategy which is typically adopted by professional money managers and individual investors who desire consistent returns by executing it correctly.

So, all the potential investors and the current market players, subscribe now to Options Profits Daily and get the newsletter delivered to your inbox each morning from the best advisers studying the current marketplace and yes, it’s absolutely free!

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What Is Credit Spread Option?

When trading or putting resources into options, there are two primary options spread, credit spreads and debit spreads. Credit spreads are choices systems that include receipts of premiums, though charge spreads include installments of premiums.

credit spread option  is an options methodology in which financial specialists understand a benefit by purchasing two rights or choice positions on the same fundamental resource with a similar development dates, both have different strike costs. The hypothesis is that the sum got from the short leg of the spread is more than the sum paid for the more drawn out leg, the financial specialist gets a moment credit.

A credit spread includes offering, or composing, a high premium choice and at the same time purchasing a lower premium choice. The premium got from the composed alternative of the spread is more prominent than the premium paid for the long choice, bringing about a premium being credited into the broker or financial specialist’s record when the position is opened. Whenever merchants or financial specialists utilize a credit spread system, the greatest benefit they can get is the net premium.

On the other hand, a debit spread includes purchasing a options with a higher premium and offering a choice with a lower premium, where the premium paid for the long option of the spread is more than the premium got from the composed choice. Not at all like a credit spread, a debit spread outcomes in a premium being charged, or paid, from the broker’s or financial specialist’s record when the position is opened.

Default risk and spread risk are the two parts of credit options, which is a sort of counter party chance. Consider default chance as more intently connected with the general origination of counter party chance: resistance with the particulars and terms of an agreement. Spread risk can be identified with speculation chance, for example, when a cost or yield changes because of an adjustment in FICO assessment.

Credit spread risk isn’t an indistinguishable thing from the dangers related with a credit spread option, in spite of the fact that there are credit spread risk in a credit spread option. Credit spread option are a kind of subordinate where one gathering exchanges credit hazard to another gathering, normally in return for a guarantee to make money installments if the credit spread changes. This kind of agreement is most normal among obligation securities that have low FICO scores.

The Top 3 Credit Spread Option Strategies

Put Credit Spread:

The primary options strategy on our list is the put credit spread, which is built by offering a put choice and obtaining another put alternative at a lower strike cost. The two choices should utilize a similar amount and lapse cycle.

Call Credit Spread

The second credit spread choice methodology on our index is the call credit spread, which is developed by offering a call choice and obtaining another call choice at a higher strike cost. The two choices utilize a similar amount and termination cycle

The Iron Condor

The third and last credit spread options methodology we’ll talk about is the merge of the initial two systems!

The short iron condor alternative system comprises of a call credit spread and a put credit spread. Thus, the position is directionally unbiased, and benefits when the stock value stays between the two spreads over the long term.

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