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Rock climbing barcelona

When you start climbing, the tendency is always to be compressed and make movements abruptly or without using our arms and legs efficiently; this is NORMAL =).

However, it is important to learn to recognize how much force we should apply to each movement and from which parts of our body that force should come out.

rock climbing barcelona is a sport that defies gravity and therefore it is essential to know that although the force in fingers, arms and back is very important, approximately 60% of a climbing movement is determined by the position and use we give to our feet and legs.

One of the most important pieces of advice about foot and leg position is to always use the correct areas of our climbing shoes so that the force we are applying is correctly transmitted to the movement and it is effective.

We must consider that each component of our climbing shoes was designed for something and there are actually areas "skilled" to step, heel, make heel-hooks, and so on.

On the other hand, it is advisable to keep your arms stretched for as long as possible (while resting, thinking about what to do or observing the next prey or grip) and only bend or apply force when you are making the movement or when it is imminent.

Different grips and prey

Another of the most important aspects to be able to progress and go up the level as climbers is the knowledge of the different prey that exist and the most appropriate way to grab each one. 

The most common types of grabs are:


They are small prey, where only a small portion of our phalangete fits, they are usually "sharp", "cutting", or flattened and for this reason it is necessary to know that it is advisable to hold them with the five fingers very close together and the thumb lightly over the index finger. rock climbing barcelona

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