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Catalonia is a region with a great culinary tradition, and especially Barcelona, where the first cookbook of Spain was printed, back in the year 1477. In the Barcelona cuisine, both from ingredients from the mountainous interior to fish and shellfish from the coast are used, and there are a number of dishes called "Mar I Muntanya" in which the fusion of these products is clearly reflected. I recomend this tour of Barcelona Citytellers that gives you a very interesting information about the gastronomic culture in Barcelona, enjoy!

The most famous sauces in Barcelona are aioli, mayonnaise, chopped (it is a technique consisting of chopping the ingredients in the mortar to add them to the dish you want to dress) and the Romesco.

The most typical bread of Barcelona is the peasant bread, with which the best known dish of the city is made: Pam Amb Tomaquet, which is prepared by spreading the bread with tomato, oil and salt.

The typical dish of Barcelona is the Parellada paella, a paella of already boneless meat and already peeled shellfish. What to eat in Barcelona? The delicacies of the city of Barcelona

Dishes with vegetables, a very fresh way to eat

Being typical Mediterranean cuisine, in Barcelona’s cuisine, vegetables, fruits and vegetables predominate. The most outstanding dishes are L’esqueixada de Bacallà, based on desalted cod (raw) tomato, pepper, onion and olives with a dressing of olive oil, vinegar and salt. Esqueixar, in Catalá, means tearing, which is achieved by pinching the cod with the fingers instead of cutting it with the knife.

The Escalivada, a salad made with onion, eggplant and roasted pepper; The ", based on eggplant, zucchini, onion or garlic linked with fried tomatoes, and the famous calçots, some elongated chives that are dipped in romesco sauce, and which, as anecdote, point out that they are eaten with a bib, which even provide it in the best restaurants. Other typical dishes are the Botifarra amb monks, (Butifarra with beans) and the faves to the Catalan, (Beans a la Catalana). A delicious dish in autumn is the mushrooms, such as the MUSHROOMSS.

Meats, sausages and fish of Barcelona

The meat dishes mainly come from the slaughter of the pig. A delicious dish is "les Galtes al Forn", or cheek of pork in the oven. L’Escudella Amb Carn D’olla is a typical Catalan soup, which according to documents found, and in the 14th century was eaten daily by all Catalans. Inside the soup is put a "pilot", which is a gigantic meatball that is then cut for all diners.

Barcelona is also very rich in sausages, such as the "Black and white Bull", that is, the white and black sausage, serrano ham, the Fuet, the Secallona (it is an elongated and thin piece made of pork seasoned with salt and pepper) and the tasty pate of the Penedès.
The fish and shellfish are consumed in all its range, and are cooked in different ways: baked, grilled, in the oven, zarzuelas (stews of fish and shellfish) and in suquet of fish (stew of fish in light sauce).

The best kind of dessert the Crema Catalana.

The killer is a fresh cheese that is usually made in Catalonia boiling milk of cow, goat or sheep and by with lemon juice or rennet. It is a delicious cheese that is usually accompanied with honey or walnuts.

The panellets, candies made with almonds and pine nuts, which are prepared especially for the Castanyada (on November 1); This tradition comes from the eighteenth century, in which it was decided to create a food with a lot of food to endure the day of wakefulness, which was kept just before all the saints. Very typical are also cocas, such as Llardons (Greaves), and the Night of St. John on June 23, which is taken with Cava.

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Barcelona also has an important wine tradition. For example, the Penedès wines are noteworthy, with denomination of origin, such as Alella, Perelada and Priorat, famous worldwide. Although the most relevant place is occupied by sparkling wines and cava, as many Catalans accompany with them the paella or the fish stew.

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