What’s Tinder and How to get a chance

Hello,, I have been helping thousands of people in the world to solve different technology problems for 9 years! In my blog I teach you how to use Tinder to find the love of your life. Are you tired of using dating apps, but without success? Learn the best love tips and find a partner online. Check our menu for more information: Best dating app - How to flirt Join me?

As we move forward in time, technology has been increasingly present in our lives, finding a partner online can be the best opportunity for many in 2020. Dating apps allows people from all over the world to find the love of their lives and fulfill their dreams of finding true love.


0 tips and tricks to improve your chance of getting a date

With these simple tips you can improve your chances of getting a date in Tinder:

  • At the time of registration, you fill in your personal information with real data, people appreciate sincerity.
  • In case you did not know, Tinder connects you with the people closest to you in your geographical position. That’s where the action begins
  • You must interact, you must positively or negatively comment on the profiles of others anonymously
  • Be original: You must make your difference and try to stand out from the rest
  • Be honest and sincere. Do not lie pretending to be a person you are not. You must have patience: Like everything in love, good things make you wait. Do not despair, if the first one does not work between that person and you. Remember that you can get your soul mate when you least think about it.
  • Be fun and spontaneous. Always look for a conversation topic.
  • Despite being an app where the physical part is essential be open, and allow interaction with any type of people without judging them.
  • Find common qualities that you share. The day they meet will be a great date, especially if you already know exactly what common interest you have.
  • Study internally what you want and communicate it. If you want to get a simple friendship, a stable couple or just a good time.

tricks for men


  1. Do not look for perfection, accept that we all have things that may not please others.
  2. Do not rush the moment, if you want to find love in Tinder do not make hasty decisions that can ruin your chances.
  3. Enjoy the moment and let yourself be carried away by the steps of falling in love
  4. Surprise that another person so that there is always a spark between you.
  5. If it does not work, keep trying. Do not give up!

tricks for women Love yourself and respect yourself

  • Do not think you should find your soul mate or your soul mate. You are a complete person and want to complement yourself with another
  • Be happy with yourself and be positive, allow yourself to know and be open
  • Find a partner that follows your goals or projects.
  • Forget the past, and do not compare with your relationships did not work


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