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Deep in the bosom of the gentle night
Is when I search for the light
Pick up my pen and start to write
I struggle, fight dark forces
In the clear moon light
Without fear... insomnia
I can’t get no sleep

I used to worry, thought I was goin’ mad in a hurry
Gettin’ stress, makin’ excess mess in darkness
No electricity, something’s all over me, greasy
Insomnia please release me and let me dream of
Makin’ mad love to my girl on the heath
Tearin’ off tights with my teeth
But there’s no release, no peace
I toss and turn without cease
Like a curse, open my eyes and rise like yeast
At least a couple of weeks
Since I last slept, kept takin’ sleepers
But now I keep myself pepped
Deeper still, that night I write by candle light
I find insight, fundamental movement, uh
So when it’s black this insomniac take an original tack
Keep the beast in my nature under ceaseless attack
I gets no sleep
I can’t get no sleep

I can’t get no sleep
I can’t get no sleep
I need to sleep, although I get no sleep
I need to sleep, although I get no sleep
PD: See you tomorrow , I’ll try to sleep

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gravatar.comAutor: Santy

Ola tio, cuanto tiempo!!!Ace 1 semana k empece la carrera y d momento bn, ay mu buena gente aki...En cuanto al temazo de insomnia, pues k ya ace tiempo k salio y anda k no lo e bailao veces yo ni na!!!De momento aun no lo e pinchao pero todo se andara...Pos na, k stoy aki en el cps k m e metido al edificio de trecnicos con un amigo y estos pc´s stan mejor k los d mi edificio.Asta otra

Fecha: 24/09/2007 15:40.

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